Match and meet
in real-life, in real-time.

Me. You. IRL. Nice…

Ziinkle is more than just a matchmaker. We’re your partner on the dating journey. We’ll help you connect with that someone special to get this thang happening in real-life, real-time. There’s a world of chemistry and connection out there, so keep the good vibes rolling and let us take you from single to Ziinkle.

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The best and most meaningful connections are made in real-life, and our mission is to help singles get back into the real world, connect in person and have better quality relationships. We focus on helping people find and nurture meaningful and organic romantic connections.

Prefer Face-to-Face over Face Time? So do we. There’s nothing like locking eyes with someone across a room and getting that instant vibe; and the only way to do that is to get into the real world to discover the ‘real deal’. Ziinkle is about connecting organically and with natural chemistry, something more than just data and algorithms – that’s right; real. other. people.

Ziinkle is a unique way to match and meet in real-life. Jump on the app to find the hottest hot spots and see where other like-minded singles are in real-time; then plan your next moves knowing you’re on the right track.

Ziinkle was founded by women, which gives us unique insight as to the needs and the measures required to provide a dating platform that is not only fun, but safe and secure. Ziinkle is dedicated to providing our users with a secure and trusted platform that includes features such as different modes of visibility for when you’re out meeting people and fully verified profiles. We’re committed to making sure that our community can use Ziinkle how they feel most comfortable to enjoy the safest possible dating experience.