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Hey there…

We’re Elisse and Melanie, the founders of Ziinkle – a dating platform that promises a new way to find better quality relationships. We’ve been through it all on dating apps and truly believe that real-life connections – not algorithms – set you up for meaningful long-term relationships. We started Ziinkle because our experiences and research showed us that real people looking for real love are increasingly interested in ‘offline’ dating.

Connection and communication is perhaps more important now than ever and we know that many people are totally over the gamified nature of other  dating apps that seem to drive quantity over quality.

Ziinkle is run by us – real people – with a real commitment to finding you that someone special. We’re here for you and can’t wait to build a fun, safe and vibrant dating community with you…

Welcome to Ziinkle.

With love, Elisse and Melanie