The best and most meaningful connections are made in real life. So, our mission is to help singles get back into the real world, connect in person, and have better quality relationships. We focus on helping people find and nurture meaningful and organic romantic connections, so we designed ‘Venue Search’.

Venue Search is our innovative feature, explicitly created to help you decide where to go out socially so you can match and meet in real-life in real-time. As this feature is unique to Ziinkle, we want to ensure you know how to use it to get the most out of it.

At home – for when you’re working out where to go out:

When using Venue Search from home, simply set your preferences by pressing the ‘Venue Filter’ icon. Once you’ve set your preferences, type in the suburb you want to go out to. The map will then populate with venues in that area. You can also view this as a list by clicking ‘list’. The numbered circles represent the number of venues in an area and then the numbered orange location pins display the number of Ziinkle users at a venue. If there are less than 3 people at the venue, it will show as <3 for safety purposes. As you are not at the venue, you can only see the numbers of people at venues. And don’t worry, we only show users at registered hospitality venues, so no one can see you when you’re home.

At a venue:

Once you arrive at a venue, you can choose from one of three modes of visibility:

Your visibility setting will remain for 24 hours before switching back to ‘Anonymous’.

Venue Status:

We’ve built this feature as an additional ice-breaking method. This helps others work out how to approach you. For example, if you prefer to chat over the app before being approached, you can set your status to ‘Message me first’. To access this, click on the ‘Venue Filter’ icon and set your status.