Ziinkle was founded by women, which gives us unique insight as to the measures we wanted to include in our dating platform so that it creates a fun experience but was also designed to be safe and secure. Ziinkle is dedicated to providing our users with a secure and trusted platform. That is why we have included features such as different modes of visibility for when you are out meeting people and verified profiles. We are committed to making sure that our community can use Ziinkle in the way that makes them feel most comfortable and so that they can have a dating experience that was designed with their safety in mind.

Below is a list of our community policies which have been created to give all our users the safest and best experience possible. A word of warning though, if you violate any of these policies, you will be banned from Ziinkle. Seriously, don’t make us unmatch you, because we won’t take you back once we do.

The Ziinkle team will:
  • Prioritise safety
  • Listen
  • Remain cautious
  • Remain unbiased
  • Will not judge
  • Foster a community built on trust and respect
  • Take action when required
In turn, we expect Ziinkle users to:
  • Be honest and open to others
  • Seek meaningful connections
  • Make the effort
  • Understand the importance of consent
  • Respect boundaries
  • Not to do anything illegal on Ziinkle
  • Only upload photos of themselves

The Ziinkle team will:

Prioritise safety

Safety will always be our number one priority at Ziinkle. We want our Ziinkle users to:

  • Feel safe to always be themselves;
  • Feel safe to match with whoever interests them;
  • Feel safe to mingle and interact with others at venues; and
  • Feel safe to plan any type of date they feel comfortable with.

This is why we’ve proactively built tools, features and incorporated resources. It’s vital that our community feels safe, secure and protected against known threats. We also want our community to feel empowered enough to alert us to any dangers to our community that we may not yet be aware of.


Good communication and listening to each other are fundamental for any successful relationship. We’re here to listen to you. Any Ziinkle user that reaches out to us for support will hear back from our team. In addition, we love to hear Ziinkle users’ ideas to improve our app experience or feature requests.

We’re always here to help in any capacity we can and we’re happy to help connect Ziinkle users to resources and services that can provide help from trained specialists.

If you have been banned from our platform and are concerned it may be the result of retaliatory behaviour or false reporting, we encourage you to speak to a member of our team and explain your situation. If there is merit in your concern then you will have the option to appeal the decision to ban you from our platform.

Remain cautious

Call us protective, but we want to keep our Ziinkle users safe. We have set up systems to enable us to act on reports of misconduct quickly and to respond to any alerts to help ensure our community is protected.

To understand, resolve and troubleshoot reports and queries, we will consider any relevant facts and information provided to us, and reach out for more information as required. You can rest assured that we will keep your report private and never share that information beyond what is necessary to enable us to act on the report.

Remain unbiased

Although both social online and offline worlds are dynamic, we abide by our commitment to doing what we can to build an honest, safe, caring and empowering Ziinkle community for all our users. We review our policies, protocols and procedures regularly so that our rules, services and tools reflect this.

Will not judge

We aren’t here to judge and decide what’s fact or fiction. We want our Ziinkle users to have quality information about potential matches so they can reach out and create organic, meaningful connections. But we will take action if we are concerned that someone is putting others in danger or seeking to inflict harm.

Foster a community built on trust and respect

Our responsibility to our Ziinkle users is to provide them with the tools to find meaningful connections in a safe way. We respect the trust that our users place in us when they share their personal information, and we have built our tools and services accordingly. We will not discuss the existence or details of any account with anyone besides the account owner.

Take action as required

We’re very protective of our Ziinkle users and we will not hesitate to step in when we consider that someone or something poses a threat of physical, emotional, or psychological harm to any of our users.

Our team is committed to working with law enforcement as required and will respond to valid law enforcement requests.

The mental health and wellbeing of our users is very important to us, and we take suicide and self-injury exceptionally seriously. We will work to help any Ziinkle users in crisis.

We expect Ziinkle users to:

Be honest and open to others

You may come across people with opinions that differ from your own on Ziinkle. Our Ziinkle community is built on a foundation of diversity and openness so we ask that you respect the views of others, regardless of whether those views conflict with your own. You always have the option to simply skip or remove users you aren’t interested in. This applies both online and in an offline environment. You should behave the same way on Ziinkle as you would in the real world.

Commenting, matching or approaching someone with the sole intention of tormenting them for their opinions or beliefs won’t be tolerated and doesn’t align with our Ziinkle community values.

Ziinkle users are also expected to be honest about who they are. This means that you must not provide false and misleading information. Deceiving others about your age or posting misleading or outdated photos doesn’t align with our vision and values and is unfair to other Ziinkle users. We have created the platform to showcase the real you, so you can have the best opportunity to create an authentic, meaningful connection with other people.

Seek meaningful connections

Our vision is to create a platform to help people find meaningful connections. Meaningful connections are built in real life and on a foundation of trust, authenticity, and respect. We expect that Ziinkle users represent themselves in alignment with these values; are upfront about their intentions; and treat everyone with respect.

If you breach our terms of service and if you solicit and/or behave in a manner that seeks to mislead or deceive others, we will have no choice but to remove you from our platform.

Make the effort

Ziinkle is all about making an effort to meet people in real life and form and nurture a meaningful connection. The more effort you put into your profile, the better your experience will be, and the more chances others will have to get to know the real you.

Understand the importance of consent

Consent must be clearly and freely communicated. Consent should be expressly granted and it can be revoked. You should seek the express consent from the persons that you interact with. It is easy to do and will save you from wrongly thinking that consent was implied. This is especially important to remember when interacting with others in social settings.

Ziinkle users are not to post content to their profiles or initiate a crude, lewd or offensive conversation. Promotion of physical, emotional and psychological abuse, harm, harassment, hate or discrimination, including but not limited to sexual advances, comments and imagery, is not acceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated on or off our platform.

Respect Boundaries

Ziinkle users are expected to respect the boundaries set by others in both the online and offline environments. Therefore, we have built Ziinkle in a way so that you can gauge someone’s interest and openness to being approached before interacting with them at a social venue.

If someone has unmatched you on Ziinkle or has stated that they are not interested in you in an offline scenario, then it is important that you respect their choice and not harass them or try to contact them on any other platform or in any other way.

Don’t do anything illegal on Ziinkle

We don’t tolerate any form of illegal activity on Ziinkle, and any such activity will result in you being banned and/or reported to authorities.

Only upload photos of yourself

Breaching copyright is not cool, and we don’t tolerate it. We expect that you only post photos you own the rights to and that adhere to our photo guidelines. Our photo guidelines are listed below:

  • No posting photos of kids on their own. They must be pictured with an adult and fully clothed.
  • No photos in bikinis/swimwear indoors.
  • No photos in underwear.
  • No shirtless/underwear mirror selfies.
  • Your face must be clearly visible in all photos.
  • No watermarks or text overlaid.
  • No pornographic material.
  • No graphic photos.
  • No photos of or with guns

Our automated systems and fabulous team of moderators monitor and review both accounts and messages for content that breaches these guidelines and/or our Terms and Conditions.

If you follow these guidelines everything will be fine. If you breach any of the guidelines, then, at our discretion you may receive a warning from us, or you may be removed from Ziinkle with no warning. We haven’t written these guidelines for fun. They are here to ensure that Ziinkle remains a fun, friendly and safe place for all our users.