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If you, or someone you know, is currently navigating trauma, dealing with mental health problems, or have had their confidence knocked by past relationships, our Mental Health Educator is here to help. Stella's latest blog offers some guidance for overcoming these difficulties.
Knowing your Attachment Style can help you have a healthy relationship. Our Dating and Relationship Coach and Expert will help you understand how your Attachment Style is formed, what it means for your relationships needs and how you’re able to change them.
If you’re already feeling nervous about what to wear and where to go, thinking about the conversation and what to say can tip your worries over the edge. If you want to keep the conversation flowing and go beyond the small talk, our Dating and Relationship Coach and Expert has some great tips to help you get to know your date.
We flirt to establish a connection and to gauge the interest of others in reciprocating that connection. But flirting isn’t always easy and doesn’t come naturally to all of us. So we’ve got some practical tips on how to get your flirt on in a respectful and effective way.
If you've ever been rejected, you know it hurts, but it shouldn't hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Rejection is a part of life. Our Mental Health Educator has some practical ways to help you overcome feeling rejected.
Venue Search is our innovative feature, explicitly created to help you decide where to go out socially so you can match and meet in real-life in real-time. As this feature is unique to Ziinkle, we want to ensure you know how to use it to get the most out of it.
It’s absolutely normal to feel nervous before a date. To help you put your best self forward, our Mental Health Educator has put together some simple psychological strategies to help you prepare for a date.
Creating a dating profile can be intimidating and challenging. You want to make sure you put your best foot forward, but it's not always easy to do that without sounding conceited or, even worse, desperate. We've got some tips to help you create your best possible profile.
Once a person thinks they've won your trust, the relationship quickly becomes abusive, controlling, manipulative or co-dependent. They'll withdraw their affections from you, which can be dangerous.
Green flags - what are they? They’re those things that you can quickly pick up on when you’re first meeting someone that give an indication that this could be a good fit. That’s not to say that spotting these green flags means you’ve met the one - but it could tell you that your time together (however long lasting) will be fun and less mentally taxing.
Humans are innately driven to seek proximity and security, so if we feel threatened, we look for ways to distance ourselves out of a need for self-protection. But, unfortunately, it could be your way of engaging in self-sabotage which undermines your chance of a successful intimate relationship.
In a world where technology has allowed us to connect faster and more efficiently with others than ever before, it turns out the secret to building better relationships and possibly living longer and healthier lives could be as simple as seeing people the old-fashioned way: in-person.
The ‘throwaway culture’ that we’ve developed with clothes and food has now extended to people as well. Users of dating apps have so much perceived choice, more than ever before, leading to a superficial breadth of human interaction rather than a meaningful depth of connection.